Fisherman Timur

by Marina Yamkovskaia
Size: 9″, one of a kind
Category: Bears

Fisherman Timur

Teddy bear Timur is made from Schulte mohair.
The main difference of a bear pattern is a separate part of a neck. The advantage of this neck compare to my previous artworks is an ability of taking different natural poses. So it is understandable that the bear has 6 pin joints.
If you carry this bear you gonna feel like a little kitten is sitting in your hands: bear has its own weight which is coming from granulated materials. The bear is fulfilled with love, synthetics and glass granulated materials.
The combination of fulfilling and fur makes him so soft and comfy.
Hat and bag made of genuine leather.
All accessories are hand made and all can be simply removed if you want! Everything depends on your mood.
The height of a bear is approximetly 23-25 cm, nose and eyelids are made of genuine leather. Claws are made from polymer clay.
Accessories are made of leather: vest, shorts, fish, bucket.

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Price: USD 390.00
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Review by Vivien G.
United Kingdom , on Oct 9, 2019

I cannot believe the detail in this miniature dog! So much character encapsulated in a tiny bear! Outstanding - and his accessories are adorable. What fun I shall have displaying this little chap. Every little detail is perfect and I shall enjoy showing him off to my friends. Thank you so much for your wonderful and unique creations!

Marina Yamkovskaia
Review by KAWACHI M.
Japan , on Dec 19, 2018

Marina Yamkovskaia

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